Montana Polarwear

Fur for the

coldest days


Fur for the

coldest days


~Fur Mittens~

~Shorn Beaver Lined Pendleton Mittens~

Never have cold hands again with these beaver lined mittens!

These mittens are not only stylish, but incredibly warm. The lining is made of shorn beaver, which is natural beaver with the long guard hairs removed.  The super soft underfur has an amazing feel and warmth. The mitten backs are made from a 100% Pendleton Wool Blanket for additional warmth and beauty and the palms are goat leather, which is supple but very tough. A natural fur cuff rounds out these beautiful mittens. Whether on the ski slopes or doing chores, the look and warmth of these mittens is unmatched. 

Contact us for currant availabile sizes & colors.
Or to order a pair!

Beaver Cuffs $300

Raccoon Cuffs $300

Coyote Cuffs $300

Wild Red Fox Cuffs $340

Farm Fox Cuffs $350

With your professionally tanned fur.*


Number of pelts needed

1 X large beaver

or 2 of the smaller beavers

plus 1 pelt of the fur for the cuffs

 if you want something 

besides beaver


~Gauntlet Mittens~

Fur mittens are made on a custom order basis. I will need a tracing of your hand. The mittens can be made from our fur or your professionally tanned fur. Gauntlet mittens come with removable synthetic fleece liners that are washable. They have elastic at the wrist so that they stay on. They have a lanyard with a snap, so that you can hang them on your neck and not lose them when not wearing them. The palms are made from goat leather which is one of the toughest leathers with a layer of reflective insulation behind it. You can ordered wool liners. The gauntlet is about 6.5″ long. 

Beaver $450

Nutria $450

Raccoon $500 

Wild Red Fox  $500

Farm Fox start at $500

Skunk $500

Coyote $500

With your professionally tanned fur.*


Number of pelts needed

2 large beaver

3 large nutria

3 large raccoons 

4 wild red fox

2 farm fox

2 coyote

4 large skunks